Ayrton Diablo S

26,000 lumens 8000K white light engine
Up to 19,000 lumens
Colour temperature output: 7000 K
CRI greater than 70
Flicker-free source management suitable for TV applications and all video-recorded events
Sophisticated CMY colour mix system
Framing Shutters
Fast Iris
1:7.5 Zoom Range
7° to 53° Zoom

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Additional information

Power Connector

Neutrik True1 (TruCON) In



DMX Connector

RJ45 In & Thru, XLR-5 DMX In & Thru


Weight: 22 kg

Typical Power Consumption

550W @ 240V

dmx charts & fixture manuals

Ayrton Diablo DMX Chart
Ayrton Diablo Manual

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